Deluxe Girl’s Amelia Earhart Costume


Deluxe Girl’s Amelia Earhart Costume

Feminism in FlightWe take it for granted now. Anyone with enough determination and training can get a pilot’s license, but back in Amelia Earhart’s day, women didn’t really have the same opportunities. Of course, she never let that stop her! She became one of the most renowned pilots in the world and her feats became legendary. She flew across the Atlantic Ocean solo. She performed in competitive flying competitions and she even became a member of the National Aeronautic Association!Unfortunately, tragedy struck when she and her navigator seemingly disappeared during her attempt to fly across the world, a feat she was determined to accomplish! No one fully knows the story of what happened, but to this day, we see her as a true symbol of feminism! Now, your little girl can pay homage to the iconic pilot by wearing this Amelia Earhart Costume for kids!Design & DetailsOur expert costume designers are big fans of the famous female aviator! They took extra care when making this Deluxe Amelia Earhart Costume. The costume comes with a light brown, faux leather bomber jacket that fits with a zipper in the front. It has faux wool in the collar to give a real aviator look. The jacket has patches on both shoulders, including a set of wings and an aviator patch. It also comes with a pair of goggles and a faux leather pilot hat. Combine all of the pieces together and you have a look that will have your child ready to take flight! Take to the Skies!This child Amelia Earhart costume is ready for any girl who wants to take to the skies. With an authentic look and a nod to the iconic historical figure, this costume is great for any adventurous girl looking to shake things up!

Dress up as one of the most legendary aviators in history in this Girl’s Deluxe Amelia Earhart Costume. This girl’s costume includes a brown bomber jacket with aviator patches, pants, and aviator hat/goggles.

SAS ID: 38286

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