Day of the Dead Poncho Costume Boys


Day of the Dead Poncho Costume Boys

THE FANCIEST SKELETONWhen that veil thins between the world of the living and the world of the dead in the hereafter, things can get pretty spooky! Throwing out some sweets and offering up a sugar skull or two can call all sorts of undead family members to come and pay a visit. But, as scary as your skeletal relations might seem, they’re just there out of love. They’re actually probably more spooked of you than the other way around! That’s why, if you’re going to deal with the dead, it is best to make things as smooth and easy going for them as possible. If they see that you’re just a little bit macabre, they’re gonna calm right down. That said, you don’t want to just let them show you up, either! Show off how fancy and creative you can be! Some face paint, roses, and a little flair can go far. While you’re at it, we hear that you’ve got a kiddo who is ready to earn some Día de Muertos awards, too! DESIGN & DETAILSHelp your child enjoy the true flair and fun of Día de Muertos with this Day of the Dead outfit. This celebratory look is Made By Us and starts with a black jersey top that features a turtleneck collar, long sleeves, and skeletal print along the chest and arms. Next is the classic, wide-brimmed hat with a satin hatband. Of course, you know what we’re building up to. The true wonder of this outfit is the poncho. This is an easy-to-wear overgarment that is digitally printed with a sugar skull, grayscale colors, and more fringe than your kiddo can shake. FUN SIDE OF THE AFTERLIFEShow your child (and the spirits of the beyond) a great time this autumn season with a festive Day of the Dead look that will practically last an eternity! 

Get decked out to celebrate Day of the Dead with our Boy’s Day of the Dead Poncho Costume. This southwest-style poncho features a cool sugar skull emblem on the front and a skeleton neck.

SAS ID: 38286

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