Dashing Deer Costume Adult


Dashing Deer Costume Adult

DANGEROUSLY ADORABLE ENCHANTMENTReports have been coming in all across the world of sudden and unexpected transformations, especially common among individuals in long-term relationships. Emergency lines have received a record number of calls from citizens concerned that their loved ones have spontaneously shapeshifted into all number of different creatures and objects after greeting them with common terms of endearment. Ironically enough, the ‘deer’ is among the most common of transformations.The cause of these magical changes is attributed to the powerful curse of a sorcerer. Neighbors of the spellcaster note that they’ve never seen the sorcerer go on dates or ever once having been given a Valentine’s Day gift. We are withholding commentary on this lonely, bitter individual at this time. Until the curse can be removed, we recommend that all “Dears” enjoy their new form while the unaffected watch out for common lovey-dovey names. DESIGN & DETAILSGet ready to feel magically transformed in a pretty epic way with this Dashing Deer costume. Our in-house design team has frequently noted that the proud Deer looks far more like a king of the wilderness than the grumpy lion and we’re sure that you will be able to prove that is true! Start with this zip-up, hooded jumpsuit. It is a soft brown fabric with short pile white fur on the chest. The hood features soft sculpted antlers, delightful ears, and an adorable deer face. In this costume, you’ll have no question why anyone refers to you with loving terms of en-deer-ment! IDEAL TERM OF AFFECTIONOf all possible endearing terms, we’ve concluded this Dashing Deer is by far the best option. You’ll feel proud and look great as this noble beast. We cannot say the same for those transformed into infant “babes,” those chalky “sweetheart” candies, or, even worse, a sticky mess of oozing “honey!” (True even for the new sheep transformed by being called a dismissive “You.”)

Curl up in comfort in this Adult Dashing Deer Costume. this comfy onesie features a tail and a hood with ears and antlers.

SAS ID: 38286

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