Dark Night Of The Scarecrow Adult Bubba Mask


Dark Night Of The Scarecrow Adult Bubba Mask

Poor Bubba, just trying to help little Marylee. They really should have left him alone. There is nothing more terrifying than a scarecrow standing where is wasn’t a second ago. Especially when that scarecrow is wearing the same clothes of someone you murdered a few nights back. Silently waiting in barren corn fields, this twisted scarecrow is begging for the taste of revenge. When terrifying justice calls, you can be the one who answers. Pay tribute to your love of campy horror movies with the Dark Night of the Scarecrow mask. Scare your guilty friends by standing in their yard at night with this baby on. They’ll return the horror movies they borrow from you promptly from now on. You’ll find plenty of reasons to slip on this on and haunt your friends, but we can’t say it’ll make you popular. Seeking justice rarely does. There’s no reason to wear itchy burlap this Halloween, just put on this mask to become the vengeance seek scarecrow of the night. Ready your pitchfork, this Halloween is going to be a frightfully good time.

This Dark Night Of The Scarecrow Adult Bubba Mask will have you ready to get revenge on those horrible men who killed Bubba!

SAS ID: 38286

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