Daddy Shark Deluxe Adult Mens Costume


Daddy Shark Deluxe Adult Mens Costume

SharkmaniaFace it, you’re singing along to the do do do do do dos as loud as your little ones. That catchy rhythm and the simple words are too easy to learn, and they stick in the brain like super glue. While the earworm of a song is intended for preschoolers, we’ve found ourselves humming it to ourselves and practicing the dance moves too. Honestly, it’s a bit of a stress reliever and an excellent, full upper-body workout. The only thing that makes Baby Shark more fun is learning the lines that didn’t make the final track. Give it a look, but if you choose to sing this Billboard Top 100 around children, keep the omitted lyrics on lock-down. Then, when you’ve had your fun learning how repetition and patterns work with the kiddos, you’ll be ready to fully give in to the phenomenon.Product DetailsWith this Daddy Shark Costume, it’s time to put on the greatest Baby Shark performance to date! The blue, velour jumpsuit gives you everything you’ll need to really embrace your role as Daddy Shark. The sleeves come complete with hand-covers made to look like a full set of cartoon shark teeth. All those Baby Shark dance practices will make your performance so good it’s intimidating, but with the embroidered eyes on this costume, your portrayal of Daddy Shark will stay as sweet as ever.Let’s Go HuntAfter a few encores and remixes, you’ll be able to take a bow and leave the stage, but then it’s time to head out for a little Halloween candy hunt. Get the whole family outfitted in their own Baby Shark characters and bring this sing-along phenomenon to the neighborhood. We’ve even written a new song for you to perform while collecting candy.Trick-or-treat do do do do do doTrick-or-treat do do do do do doTrick-or-treat do do do do do doTrick-or-treat!

Get the Daddy Shark Deluxe Adult Costume version of baby shark. Gobble up the Halloween treats in this shark costume.

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