Creepy Killer Kids Morphsuit Costume


Creepy Killer Kids Morphsuit Costume

We all know the internet is a strange place. It’s just one site in an endless city of information and communication but the amount of strange stories and memes you will find there are endless.  There are silly stories. For instance, there’s the man who pretended he didn’t know what a potato was the first time he met his girlfriend’s parents to such an extent that he got kicked out of his girlfriend’s parent’s house. If your child’s been hanging out in these hallowed halls this might be the reason for that extra nightlight they recently requested. This is where a creepy character like this comes from!Does your child want to become this modernized monster? This morph suit might just be right up their twisted little alley. This mask and jumpsuit will let them completely transform. With a large scary mouth, blank eyes, greasy hair, and a blood stained sweatshirt this is not someone you’d want to come across while peeping in your closet before bed. This ensemble is a great way to make this Halloween freshly scary. Now, go to sleep!

Turn your child in to a creepy killing creature when you put them in this Creepy Killer Kids Morphsuit Costume.

SAS ID: 38286

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