Cozy Leopard Costume


Cozy Leopard Costume

You’re a big kitty, aren’t you?No, you’re not one of those little timid house cats who climb up on top of the chair hoping not to be captured by toddlers or licked by dogs. You are a creature of the wild, sultry and suave… who naps three-quarters of the day.We applaud you for that last part. We love naps. So you can understand why we’re particularly adoring of cats. Because, not only are you exceptional catchers of naps (we see that sweet sunny spot you’re curled up in on the couch), but ferocious when provoked. With big teeth and claws, lithe muscles, and a beautifully dappled coat, you’re one kitty that ought not be messed with. You know. When you’re awake. The other three-quarters of the time, we kind of want to cuddle you to death. But we won’t. Nothing worse than waking a peacefully napping cat.And when you nap (as you will be shortly we’re guessing), you mine as well curl up in comfort. Our Cozy Leopard Costume is a comfy little fleece number with long sleeves. Not only that, the outfit has attached mitt-paws, a tail and a hood with kitty ears! You’ll be even more cute and fuzzy! Don’t worry, we’ll resist the urge to cuddle you uncontrollably.

This Cozy Leopard Costume turns you into a cool cat who’s cozy at the same time!

SAS ID: 38286

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