Cozy Fox Costume Adult’s


Cozy Fox Costume Adult’s

Fast Fox Fun FactsWe asked our resident fox expert about some cool factoids about foxes. It really piqued our interest, so we decided to compile a list of cool facts about foxes:- Foxes have amazing hearing. They can hear a watch ticking from 40 yards away.- Foxes like to play tricks on other animals.- Foxes like to wear socks when no one is looking.- Foxes are distantly related to dune buggies.- Foxes look adorable when they wear a top hat.- President Grover Cleveland was actually 3 foxes wearing a human costume.- Foxes love boxes, but hate that “foxes” rhymes with “boxes.”- “Fox” means “adorable cat-dog” in ancient Atlantean languages.Okay, so maybe not all of these fun facts are actually true (we’re not sure if our resident fox expert is actually an expert), but this Adult Cozy Fox will have you looking sly as a fox… and you might be able to convince a few other folks about these funny and fake fox fun facts!Product DetailsOur costume designers really outdid themselves on this Cozy Fox Costume! It comes with a full body jumpsuit that fits with a zipper in the front. It features a bright orange color with a white tummy, along with an attached tail in the back. Of course, the best part of this costume is the hood! The simple hood has a pair of pointy ears on top and a cute pair of eyes on top. The whole outfit is so cozy, you might even feel comfy enough to take a little nap in this outfit.Fox Fact CheckingWhether you want to cozy up like woodland animal or you need a new look to wear to your next costume party, this fox costume is the perfect way to do it! You might want to fact check a few of those fox facts before you start telling your friends about them though…

Curl up in this Adult’s Cozy Fox Costume. This comfy, orange onesie features a hood with ears and a tail.

SAS ID: 38286

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