Coven Countess Witch Costume Women


Coven Countess Witch Costume Women

Courting the CovenMany of us may have a pretty colonial view of what nobility looks like. We picture kings and queens in regal robes of purple and red. We probably imagine dukes and courtiers arriving in elegant finery that includes so many layers that the nobility would have needed to start dressing the previous night just to be ready for the affair the next day. (We suppose that is what the servants are for, huh?) But, not all cultures and groups deal with noble finery in quite the same way. It seems that a certain mystical coven of witches has their high stations as well. Queen, High Witch, First Brewer… They are all a critical part of the coven. But, how does one gain such a lofty title and the mysterious magic that comes with it? Well, it takes several steps. Fortunately, it seems that the local coven is ready for a countess to guide the rest into the new age. We think that you have exactly what it takes to rise into the witchcraft ranks! Design & DetailsStart your quest to become the High Witch off right with this Coven Countess costume. This is a Made by Us design that was put together in our in-house studios. The look features a steamy, asymmetrical witch dress with a long back and drape in the front. The jagged bell sleeves are a sheer fabric for that extra magical look. A pentacle is formed on the chest by an open circle and five lines of cloth. Finish off your look with the classic pointed hat and you’re ready to soar through the ranks. A (Super)Natural NobleWe already can tell that you’re a natural fit for the leadership of the coven, so we’re happy to bring this wicked look to your wardrobe. Just remember us when you’re ruling in this Coven Countess costume! 

Bewitch everyone in sight with this Coven Countess Witch Costume. This tattered, flowing black dress features flared sleeves. Includes a classic pointed hat.

SAS ID: 38286

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