Colonial Village Woman Plus Size Costume


Colonial Village Woman Plus Size Costume

Temporal DaydreamsDo you ever think about time travel? We do. We probably spend WAY more time thinking about that sort of thing than we should. Maybe we read too many adventure books about the subject. You know the type. A seemingly average woman gets swept through time to a few hundred years in the past. She must figure out a way to travel back to her time, all while getting wrapped up in political intrigue and colonial adventures with her new friends from the past. She might even strike up a romance with some dashing figure from the past… it sounds so exhilarating!Of course, that never happens in real life. Or at least, we’ve never heard of it happening, but we like to pretend. It’s part of the whole reason we got into the costuming gig. Costumes let you embark upon some pretty marvelous journeys. Through the power of costume, you can create a little time-jumping adventure of your own, even if you’re just roleplaying the whole thing. Who knows! When you put on this Colonial Village Woman Costume, you might just get sucked into some Jamestown drama!Product DetailsThis historical costume is a plus size outfit that recreates the look of the colonial days. It comes with a simple brown dress that you can wear as you walk through the village. The off-white apron around the waist will have you ready to tend to your daily chores, while the shawl around the shoulders puts the finishing touch to the outfit. The costume also comes with a cap that fits around your head with an elastic band.Make Your Own Historical StoryWhether you long for a historical story of your own or you just want to reenact the early colonial American days, this Colonial Village Woman Costume will help you get into character.

The Colonial Village Woman Plus Size Costume will help you recreate the pioneer days!

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