Cleo Cat Costume Women’s


Cleo Cat Costume Women’s

Feline FineHave you ever wondered what it would be like to be as confident as a cat? Sure, house cats might jump into the air at the literal drop of the hat, but that’s just because they’re shocked that anything could catch them unawares. The thing is, cats just know they can get away with anything. We’ve all seen it. They stride up to a table, jump up, and look you in the eyes as they tip over a glass that’s full of water. Or they’ll be sitting on the top of an armchair and leap five feet onto the living room curtains, literally climbing the walls of the room. They’ll use their sharp claws to steal sandwiches from plates or climb the Christmas tree. And while they’re aware that their behavior is against the rules, we’re pretty sure these cats don’t care. That’s just what happens when your species is publicly labeled as heavenly even before the common era!Details & DesignYou’ll feel as powerful as an Egyptian feline when you’re rocking this unique, Made by Us costume! The jumpsuit bears the mark of our HalloweenCostumes.com flair. Colorful Egyptian inspired designs created by our in-house graphic artists accent the look. With golden hieroglyphics up one leg and a turquoise and gold collar, you’ll feel elegant without the need for extra jewelry. The jumpsuit zips up the back to one side of the long, striped tail to make transforming into a powerful cat smooth and easy. It’s topped with gold and black striped ears to give you a proud feline silhouette. Where’s that Mummy MeowIf there’s any creature that can keep mummies in line, it’s the mythical Goddess cat, Bastet. Pair this costume with a staff to give your character an extra sense of power and you’ll be ready to keep those mummies in line, curse or no!

Plan your purrfect night out with our Women’s Cleo Cat Costume. This black, form-fitting body suit features Egyptian accents and hieroglyphics. Complete with ears and a tail.

SAS ID: 38286

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