Classic Plague Doctor Costume


Classic Plague Doctor Costume

A Plague On All Their HousesThe plague was so intensely serious that for the rest of the time, people didn’t even call it by its full name. They just called it “The Plague”. Europe is still feeling the effects of the sickness that decimated the population in waves more than 600 years ago. In Poveglia, Italy people still report a sense of being watched and a feeling of hands scratching at them as soon as they step foot onto the island that, incidentally, was used as an inhumane quarantine. People hear crying in the old houses where people once perished of the disease. Modern tourists at plague sites sometimes capture souls that are still sticking around, waiting for a cure. While the black plague might have happened half a thousand years ago, memories of the disease are alive and well. That’s why this plague doctor costume is still enough to send shivers down our spines. Details & DesignThis high-quality costume brings the paintings of the black plague to living, breathing life. The robe has a capelet layered around the shoulders and gold-tone buttons down the front. It’s peppered with details such as a cross necklace, a black hood, and a pair of black gloves. It’s completed with a brimmed hat and a white mask with a long beak. Pair it with a staff and a lantern to make this plague doctor come to life!Looking SickWhile the horrors of the plague might be concentrated down to a ghostly whisper on Europe’s shores, you can bring history to life this Halloween. This high-quality look is perfect for creeping your friends out at costume parties and nice enough to be worn for homemade horror movies and music videos. Whisper the ghostly tales of the plague and watch as the plague of fear takes hold of the people around you!

Take it back to the age of the Plague! This Classic Plague Doctor Costume will be the perfect scary costume for your costume party!

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