Classic Mad Hatter Men’s Costume


Classic Mad Hatter Men’s Costume

MUST BE SOME MAGICThere is an old legend of a mystical hat that bestowed upon any who placed it upon their head a set of unusual powers. You’ve no doubt heard of it. Perhaps not by name because, in fact, we’re not even sure that it has a single name! That’s pretty much true of anything legit legendary. One place hears about Excalibur. Another place talks about Caladbolg, the Singing Sword, the Sword in the Stone… Caledfwlch?So, when we put this magic hat on the head of a snowman, it jumps up, dances around, and learns how to sing. We’re pretty good with that! But, who could have ever expected what happened when someone in the office put it on their head!? They went just a little wonky. Rather full of wonder. Just a little… mad? Before we knew it, there were tea parties and talks of March Hares and White Rabbits. What the heck is with this thing!? DESIGN & DETAILSHelp us understand what magic is going on with our exclusive Classic Mad Hatter costume. Just by slipping into this outrageous look, you’ll instantly feel like a whole new persona is blending with your own. Start with the bright yellow jacket and its gathered sleeves, attached vest front, and stark geometric design. Add the oversized bow tie and green striped trousers. You’re already feeling mad awesome… but when you add the green top hat with its shining turquoise band, you’ll really feel the magic start. Become the energetic entertainer that turns every afternoon tea session into an insane party. MULTIPLE MINDS?Is it possible that the Mad Hatter is only so out there because his mysterious hat is a second mind? Will you hear the whispers that guide you to ultimate fun? Or is it just dressing like an iconic and crazed character like the Hatter lets you let go? … Nah! It’s gotta be the magic hat! 

Hop around the magical world of your choice in this Men’s Classic Mad Hatter Costume! This exclusive costume includes the hat, bow tie, jacket and pants!

SAS ID: 38286

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