Classic Horror Clown Costume Women’s


Classic Horror Clown Costume Women’s

Manic MotivesAfter last Thursday’s Circus tragedy, the authorities are on the lookout for a troupe of wacky clowns. Last seen driving a tiny car, these jokesters are wanted for questioning about the collapsing of a circus tent in the middle of the strong man act. While there were no fatalities, many people spilled their popcorn, the strongman was seen crying, and a child had to be rushed to the hospital after lodging a circus peanut up his nose. These clowns are armed with a variety of pranking props and considered dangerous to the public’s ego!Have you ever wondered what makes a horror clown go off the rails? Maybe they go nuts after years of eating nothing but cotton candy. Or perhaps it’s getting blown out of a cannon one too many times, no matter what their motives might be, we all have to agree that clowns go crazy better than anyone else!Product DetailsThis bright and colorful clown costume is far from cheery. The look brings to mind the timeless characters of our youth that always chilled us to our core while making us weirdly hungry for hamburgers at the same time. The bright yellow dress has red pom-poms down the front and billowy silky sleeves. A purple ruff around the neck is complemented with a yellow bow tie for a formally creepy look. Oh Good GollyAre you ready to unleash your wild clowning side? There’s nothing like slipping into a wild look to get you into character! Top this off with a wild clown wig and a full face of greasepaint and you’ll be ready for the bright lights of the circus scene. You can even add a little extra faux blood to your costume to give your character every extra ounce of character. Now, why don’t you practice your maniacal laugh while you’re waiting for your good to arrive?

Step out of the circus and into the night in this Women’s Classic Horror Clown Costume. This creepy costume will have people backing slowly away from you all night.

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