Children’s Werewolf Gloves


Children’s Werewolf Gloves

CLAW AT THE MOONIs your tyke a little overly energetic? Scratching at the collar of their shirt? Itching to run? We’re not saying that they’re actually about to start howling at the moon or anything… but we’re not saying they aren’t going into full moon mania, either. Perhaps this is something that you need some hands-on assistance with. Little werewolves don’t know how mighty those claws can be, after all. You don’t want them scratching up the furniture or clawing into the carpet while they learn. DESIGN & DETAILSFortunately, we have had several young werepups that had to be housebroken, so our in-house team knows just how to craft the right training accessories. These Child Werewolf Gloves are just the thing to get your kiddo ready for the transformation that they may have to deal with in later years. The wrist-length gloves are comfy to wear and feature dark brown fur all over. The tips are black vinyl ‘claws’ to give them the ferocious look without all those scratch marks! NEW MOON WARMTHWhether your kiddo needs these Werewolf Gloves to complete their look for a Full Moon shift or just wants to stay warm even while the New Moon has taken over, these are the perfect accessory for the job. Plus, they’re great for back scratches! 

Howl at the moon in style with these Child Werewolf Gloves! These exclusive gloves will not only complete your howlin’ pups costume, they will keep them warm as well!

SAS ID: 38286

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