Child Zombie Piggyback Costume


Child Zombie Piggyback Costume

GIDDY UP, ZOMBIE! The sooner we come to the realization that a zombie apocalypse is approaching, the better we can prepare. The outbreak is inevitable and those who aren’t working in labs as scientists preparing an antidote should come up with other viable solutions, which is what we’ve been trying to do. Everyone knows that costumes are our passion so we decided to look at our costumes for inspiration. Guess what? We were inspired! The zombie piggyback costume gave us the bright idea that during the dawn of the apocalypse, we should domesticate zombies making them contributing members of society instead of soulless human parasites who eat brains and other innards. Isn’t that a grand idea? Zombies will be a mix of a house pet and a butler so you can keep them on a leash and train them to make life easier. You will be able to use zombies as a form of transportation too, like horses but way scarier. Just hop on their backs and shout ‘giddy up, zombie!’ This costume will allow you to practice it because hopping on a zombie’s back doesn’t exactly feel natural.PRODUCT DETAILSThis funny and slightly scary costume creates an optical illusion that may shock some and make others smile. The costume is a pair of stretchy black pants featuring tattered gray fabric to make your legs become the zombie’s leg (or appear that way at least.) Plush legs and a zombie’s head is attached to the waistband making it look like the zombie is holding you up. Classic prank! Zombify         This costume can be paired with any shirt for a comfortable and cool look. Have all your friends dress in different piggyback costume styles and then have a race to see who wins. The neighbor’s jaws will drop to the floor!    

Give your kid a ride on a zombie this year for Halloween with this Child Zombie Piggyback Costume.

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