Child Silly Scarecrow Costume


Child Silly Scarecrow Costume

Despite the song in that movie that will go unnamed, scarecrows are definitely the brainiest, most interesting people out there. What does a scarecrow do all day? He probably likes to think about life. That’s right, scarecrows, we assume, have the most philosophical of all minds. Is your child always asking the tough questions? We think they’ll love becoming a silly scarecrow with this costume! Why do birds walk on their legs when they can fly? Good question. If the sky is blue, does that mean it’s blue raspberry flavor? That is a real thinker… If the corn field got hot enough, would it all turn to popcorn? This kid is a GENIUS!

Scaring birds and dancing moves are what he’ll be doing with this Child Silly Scarecrow Costume! An exclusive you won’t find anywhere else!

SAS ID: 38286

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