Child Musketeer Costume


Child Musketeer Costume

Taking on big adventures, saving those in distress, and making a name for yourself are all things that kids imagine as they play on their swingsets. But we think the nobility of it all has really gone to the wayside these days.Being a professional adventurer used to be a thing. Now we say it’s only for daydreamers. But we think otherwise. Kids are still excited about adventure, so why not let your little one live it out (at least for one night year)?He’s been practicing his fencing skills and now he’s ready. Join your buddies and fight the way they did in earlier times when you wear this Child Musketeer Costume! This costume is high-quality and unique – perfect for your child this Halloween. The costume starts with a tunic styled as a blue tabard with shoulder drapes over a white shirt. A printed white emblem on the chest gives it added detail along with the silver, metallic ribbon trim. The faux suede fingerless gauntlets have wide foam cuffs for added emphasis. The faux suede cavalier hat has a jaunty feather – a must-have for any true Musketeer! Matching cuffed boot tops have elastic under foot for a secure fit all night long. Team up with a couple of other Musketeers for a fun Three Musketeers Halloween costume. Even your child can appreciate how suave and sophisticated these guys are! Wear it with your own pants and add a toy sword for the full effect.

This child musketeer costume includes the hat, shirt, gauntlets and boot tops for a complete Renaissance look. Add a musketeer sword for extra detail!

SAS ID: 38286

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