Child Jack Sparrow Bandana & Dreads Kit


Child Jack Sparrow Bandana & Dreads Kit

Have you ever wondered what your child might look like with a set of dreadlocks? Just take a second to imagine it. Now, with that image in your head, try imagining him dressed up like Captain Jack Sparrow, standing aboard the Black Pearl! Yes, your child is going to make one fine pirate captain, but everyone needs to start somewhere and we suggest starting with this officially licensed Pirates of the Caribbean wig.This Jack Sparrow bandana and dreads kit is a child-sized accessory kit that will give your child the wild hair of Johnny Depp from the Disney Pirates films. The included wig has plenty of fluffy dreadlocks with beads and string attached to them. The wig is attached to a bandana which slips on over your child’s head with ease. Just add it to any of our Jack Sparrow costumes and your child will be ready to hop on board the Black Pearl for the next high seas adventure.

Transform your child into Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean in this bandana and dreads kit.

SAS ID: 38286

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