Child Green T-Rex Costume


Child Green T-Rex Costume

You’ve seen the videos: people in dinosaur costumes doing all kinds of awesome things, like gymnastics and figure skating and trampolinery, even competing on American Ninja Warrior. (And yes, “trampolinery” is so a word. It means “doing awesome things on trampolines”. So now you know.) But you don’t start out being awesome in a dinosaur costume! You need to train. We’re talking years of hard work, beginning in a toddler-sized dinosaur costume, moving onto a child-size costume, and finally graduating to adult. That’s right, it’s totally a lifetime commitment to excellence. This here is the child-size version, the Goldilocks of dinosaur costumes. (That’s because it’s in the middle, see? It’s just right for children!)So consider this Child Green T-Rex Costume for all of your child’s dinosaur-costume-wearing activities. This polyester jumpsuit has a Velcro enclosure on the back, an adorable hood and stuffed tail, plus mittens and shoe covers. The torso does run small, so make sure to consult the Size Chart and consider moving up a size if appropriate. Your kid is going wear this all the time, trust us! But you might ask, when is the appropriate time to become a T-Rex? Let’s start with when they’re running around, playing, eating, sleeping. You know, all the times when a kid wishes they were a dinosaur. Because they’re not going to become an expert at trampolinery unless they get comfortable in this costume. And that starts with you getting this Child-Sized Green T-Rex Costume for your future gold-medal-winning trampolinist. (Yes, also a word.)

Ever seen a giant lizard on the rampage through your home? When your kid has this child green T-rex costume it’s a pretty common occurrence.

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