Child Gorilla Foot Covers


Child Gorilla Foot Covers

STOMP IN STYLEBasic human feet? Ugh, how boring. Give us gnarled chicken feet or flat duck feet. How about humongous elephant feet or fur-tastic bear feet? Well, we can do even better than that. We can hook you up with gorilla feet; they’re awesome, fuzzy, plush, and slightly intimidating. We wouldn’t want to see them running at us, that’s for sure! These child gorilla foot covers are able to complete any gorilla costume or you can wear them with a favorite pair of snuggly pajamas as slippers, but don’t be surprised if you crave bananas before bed instead of the usual milk and cookies snack! When your part gorilla, it’s basically a requirement to eat at least one banana a day. (Actually, we made that up, but it should be a requirement!)    PRODUCT DETAILS The child gorilla foot covers are a Made by Us accessory so they’re created from high-quality materials and expertly crafted. Covered in black, synthetic fur, the pull-on slippers are stuffed to appear realistic and they feature plush gorilla toes. GO BANANAS! Pair these child gorilla foot covers with any gorilla costume to create an authentic jungle look that will drive people wild. Grab an inflatable banana for good measure!    

You’re going to have large footprints all over your yard when you get your young one into the Child Gorilla Foot Covers. Welcome to the jungle!

SAS ID: 38286

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