Child Ghost Costume


Child Ghost Costume

Boo-tiful YouStep right up, step right up, and get ready to hear about THE biggest trend in costuming this year! No, it’s not dressing like famed TV personalities, and nope—wrong, again!—it’s not hipster-ready cactus costumes, either. The biggest fad flooding the Halloween streets this year is…drumroll, please…CLASSICS! That’s right! Though they make an appearance every year, this season is all about the classic costumes you can’t get enough of. Basic black witch with a pointy cap? Yes, please! Steadfast orange Jack o’ lantern tunic? You betcha! But our favorite standout this season is this Child’s Ghost Costume! It’s a tried and true crowd-pleaser, and will look great paired with their own classic white canvas sneakers (also very in right now). No need to cut up your best bedsheets to fulfill your kids’ ghostly aspirations, this little look has got you—and them—covered for this holiday’s parade of classic costumes!Product DetailsThe best part about this simple costume is the amazing imagination your kids can lend to it. Perhaps they want to be a friendly ghost, and be known for haunting the school halls with cool tombstone cupcakes to hand out to classmates. Or they may want to opt for a spookier side, and practice their eerie noises and stellar sneak-up tactics. Best yes, they may want to be a funny ghost, and rehearse their all-Halloween themed stand-up routine. The point is, it doesn’t matter how they act in this white tunic—the stitching accents and ghost face will ensure their holiday is filled with both fright and delight!Ghost TownYour city may be fully populated, but watch how fast your kids can have it feeling scary and deserted when they arrive on the scene in this costume. Remember, this year it’s all about classic Halloween fun, so bob for apples, enjoy some homemade popcorn balls, and bring on the candy corn! 

Boo! This Child Ghost Costume will add a scare to a party or when out trick or treating.

SAS ID: 38286

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