Child Deluxe Black Widow Costume


Child Deluxe Black Widow Costume

You, and I remember Budapest very differently.How do you remember Budapest, Clint? Because none of the rest of us remembers it! And we really want to know. We want that movie. We want the awesome assassin duo to come back to tell their own story. We want Natasha Romanov, and Clint Barton.We want the Black Widow. And so does your daughter. She finally found a woman to look up to who wasn’t a Disney princess. You just didn’t realize that she would go from loving Belle’s yellow ball gown to wanting to be a Russian assassin. But, at least you can rest assured that she wont need a prince to save her. Not when she can kick butt like Natasha Romanov.You know she can be whoever she wants, and right now she wants to be Black Widow. So get her this Child Deluxe Black Widow Costume, and prove to her that she can be whoever she wants. She can be the intense Russian, the kind of woman who sticks up for herself. And you can be very glad that she no longer wants to be a princess from 19th century France. And maybe with your own personal little Black Widow you can finally find out what happened in Budapest. If you do find out you should let us know.

The Black Widow will have never been as wicked as when your girl wears the costume. Suit her up with this Child Deluxe Black Widow Costume!

SAS ID: 38286

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