Chiffon Women’s Harlequin Costume


Chiffon Women’s Harlequin Costume

This Joke’s On YouWhat’s the best gift you can give the people around you? While everyone loves a fruit basket, the correct answer is laughter! Some jokes, like puns and callbacks, are small. Other jokes make history. For instance, in 1978, a jokester and entrepreneur towed what he said was an iceberg towed from Antarctica into the bay in Sydney, Australia. It was actually foam covered in plastic but people believed the iceberg farce for days! Along with the BBC convincing it’s viewers that spaghetti grows on trees and Taco Bell telling the public that they were buying the liberty bell, there are a lot of jokes to live up to. Get inspired to go big when you slip into this unique clowning ensemble. Maybe your jokes won’t go viral around the world but you’re sure to stir up a ridiculous reputation when you’re rocking this harlequin look!Product DetailsWant to feel like you could pull off any kind of hijinks? This fitted jumpsuit is easy to slip into and even easier to move in! The helter-skelter image is solidified with a red and black checker pattern and black color blocking. Sheer, lightweight sleeves have ruffles around the cuffs and match the removable ruffled collar. Your harlequin look is topped with a tiny jester hat with ruffles around the bottom and at the tip to bring the whole look together. the high quality of this exclusive costume is sure to move with you no matter what pranks you’re trying to pull off!The Last LaughAre you feeling mischevious yet? You will be once you slip into this Made by Us black and red ensemble. Tumble into any event while feeling funny and still looking fashionable. Throw your hair into pigtails and paint your face to polish off your playful look. Wherever you’re headed, any gig is sure to start with a giggle!

Be the court jester in our Women’s Chiffon Harlequin Costume. This exclusive costume is perfect for your Halloween hijinks.

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