Ceramic Skeleton Hand Treat Dish Halloween Decoration


Ceramic Skeleton Hand Treat Dish Halloween Decoration

Balancing the BowlA perfectly balanced bowl of Halloween candy is actually quite a feat of wits. Every Halloween reveler has different preferences in the candy they prefer. Some people are peanut fans while others can’t stand them. Some folks love a chewy taffy while some like hard candy. A well-balanced bowl of candy can make everyone happy. But there’s one more issue. How do you keep from eating all the treats before the actual All Hallows Eve event? You can’t rush to get candy day of because you just might end up with the sad Dum Dum dregs that are left in the candy aisle. Here’s a tip, fill this haunted bowl and tell yourself the ghost of this skeleton hand will haunt you if you steal from the bowl before trick-or-treaters start ringing your doorbell. Product DetailsThis lovely black and white bowl adds an eerie yet cheerful touch to your Halloween decor for years to come. Perfect for spooky guacamole for party tables as well as extra candies to keep some candy aside from the ghouls and goblins roaming the streets outside. Whether you’re filling this bowl with sweet treats or savory sides, it’ll be a bowl you bring out season after season. 

Give your trick-or-treaters’ the shivers when the reach for candy from this Ceramic Skeleton Hand Treat Bowl Halloween Decor!

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