Care Bears Infant Grumpy Bear Costume


Care Bears Infant Grumpy Bear Costume

Hug the GrumpNo matter our best efforts, occasionally things just aren’t going to go quite the way that we want it. Maybe we’re hungry and no matter how patiently we wait, our favorite food folks just aren’t ready to go! Maybe it’s a touch chilly and our comfy blanket isn’t quite comfy. We’ve all been there. We don’t like to admit that our bodies make us a little awkward and sometimes we can’t quite reach around and fix our blanket burrito all on our own without running out of breath!Okay, obviously we’re talking about problems that babes have and usually resort to crying, pouting, or a full-on tantrum in order to let the world know what they want. But, when you look at it that way, we can all kind of relate! We just need something to help right our grumpy behavior. Get us a snack. Tuck us in. Give us a little cuddle! That’s why we’re happy that there is a proud protector of the gloomy blues helping us in Care-a-Lot! Design & DetailsWhether it is because this is bound to be one of the most adorable looks your little one has ever sported or because you’re looking for a little extra help in keeping your kiddo cozy, we’ve got just the thing to do both at once. Our officially licensed Care Bears costumes include this Made by Us Grumpy Bear for your baby! This is a soft custom fur jumpsuit that features the Care Bear’s iconic heart patches on the paws and rump as well as a character hood and Grumpy Bear’s signature dark cloud and heart rainstorm for a belly badge. Cuddling CloudsWhen the gloom is setting in and we’re in serious need of a hug, Grumpy Bear is there to help us out! That’s even truer when you’re talking about this snuggly Care bear costume for your infant! 

Grumpy Bear is the most recognizable bear, the black sheep. This Care Bears Infant Grumpy Bear Costume is as adorable as your infant, even on their grumpy days.

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