Care Bears Infant Cheer Bear Costume


Care Bears Infant Cheer Bear Costume

A Cheery DispositionIs your little one exuberant, bouncy, and just plain happy? Have they recently started breaking into coos and unintelligible stories at the drop of a hat? Is there a chance they start to cry if you don’t grin and laugh along with their joyful giggles? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, there are two possible conclusions. Either your little one has become an avid fan of the Care Bears, or they were in fact swapped with Cheer Bear at their last well-baby check-up.The good news is, either way, you’ve got one smiley character on your hands. That means if Professor Coldheart or any residents of the Land Without Feelings tries to cause any mischief, your little one is ready to fight off the gloom with their Care Bear Stare. After all, the bears of Care-a-Lot always do their best to make a bad situation disappear and a good time last!Design & DetailsAssuming your little one doesn’t look exactly like Cheer Bear, our designers have come up with this exclusive Care Bears costume to fill in for the unlikely growth of carnation-pink fur. The jumpsuit is made from a soft, long pile fabric to bring Cheer Bear’s pink fur to life. With Cheer Bear’s signature rainbow belly badge on their tummy, your little one won’t just bring giggles to the party, but a burst of color. The booties have hearts embroidered on the soles while the separate hood completes the Care Bear look with soft-sculpted ears and embroidered facial features. This Made By Us Care Bear costume is sure to bring extra cheer to your days.Always PreparedJust in case Professor Coldheart is up to his miserable shenanigans again, this costume will keep the chill at bay. You and your little one will have your own source of warm cheer whether you’re taking on a gloomy enemy or enjoying the crisp fall air on Halloween.

Who, other than your infant, is more adorable than the Care Bears? Help spread cheer this year by dressing up your own little bear in this Care Bears Infant Cheer Bear Costume!

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