Care Bears Child Classic Cheer Bear Costume


Care Bears Child Classic Cheer Bear Costume

From Far or Near, she’s here to CheerCheer Bear is the epitome of the Care Bear persona. We mean it. Why does she earn this declaration? You might ask. Let’s all jump in the way, way back machine to a time before the Care Bears made their television debut. It’s 1982 and Care Bears have just made their greeting card debut through the American Greetings Company. Yep, that’s right! Care Bears started out as a way to reach out to those nearest and dearest through snail mail. So it makes sense that Cheer Bear was a star on every card since the very beginning! If anyone can reach out and make someone feel happy from halfway across the world, it’s the bright and bubbly Cheer Bear. Product DetailsYour little one doesn’t have to set foot in the way, way back machine in order to become a happy picture of nostalgia. The exclusive, licensed suit is easy to slip on with a zipper up the back and the character hood makes for an instant character transformation. The large patch on the belly features Cheer Bear’s rainbow icon while the little tail and heart in the back make this look cute from every angle. The suit is even a little bit oversized so if your kid takes it easy with the vertical climb, they might even want to wear this cheery look for years on end!A Mile Long SmileIs your kiddo ready to let out a loud cheer? Is making people happy her specialty? If so, stepping into the Cheer Bear character should be a breeze. And if she’s feeling shy, there’s no need for her to be alone. There are Cheer Bears and cousins for every personality out there. Want to make us cheery? Show us your assembled Care Bear team in the review below. Sharing is caring, after all!

You might have grown up watching Care Bears, and now you can pass it onto the next generation with this officially licensed Classic Cheer Bear costume.

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