Care Bears Bedtime Bear Costume for Infants


Care Bears Bedtime Bear Costume for Infants

A Sleepy ScenarioLet us imagine a situation that might have happened in a household close to yours recently. Let’s say that it is approaching that nighttime hour where everyone in the house should be snuggling in for a nice, long sleep. The sun has tucked itself in. The moon could even be in that half-closed crescent shape. Even the crickets are taking the night off! The parents are tucked into fresh blankets, take a deep breath, and let out the peaceful sigh of slumber…… And there goes the baby, letting the house know that it isn’t quite time for sweet dreams yet! Every parent knows that no amount of prayer or pleading will work to get that tyke to tucker out when they are in for the deep screams. Of course, there might be one chance. Up in the clouds is a Care Bear of singular skill. He’s so gifted in helping kiddos find a few Zzzs that he’s usually nodding off himself due to all the excess ones that he’s carrying around! Design & DetailsNow, we’re not saying that when you dress the little one up in this officially licensed Bedtime Bear costume from Care Bears that it is a solid guarantee that your babe will sleep through the night. Heck, if our Made by Us design team had powers like that, we might not be in the costume industry. (Oh, who are we kidding!?) With this custom fur onesie, your kiddo will feel warm and snuggled while looking like the light blue and tuckered out pal that we all know from Care-a-Lot. The costume includes features like heart pads, the crescent moon belly badge, and a sleepy face on the hood!Seriouzzzzly CozzzzzyUntil Bedtime Bear comes down himself to grant us all the miracle of a sound sleep, this cozy Care Bear costume will help your little one look even cuter while being snuggled up and warm. That’s at least one step closer to naptime, right?

Cuddle your little one up in the Care Bears Infant Bedtime Bear Costume. Soft and fuzzy, your little one’s bound to fall asleep before you even get to the neighbors.

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