Cactus Costume for Adults


Cactus Costume for Adults

Cackle with CactiTwo balloons were floating through the desert, dangling their strings upon the sands. One suddenly shouted, “Watch out for that cactus!” The other replies, “What cactussssssssssssss…” No? Well, did you hear about the Cactus that went to the party?Yeah, he spiked the punch!Why was the police officer confused when he went to arrest the Cactus? Because it already had its hands up!Alright, maybe we’re not really lifting you up with these Cactus jokes. We get it. We’ve clearly dropped the cactus-ball on this. Even worse, we caught it! Design & DetailsThese are just the start of the laughs that you’re sure to get when you start thinking like a Cactus. But, you’ll probably acquire even more if you hop your way into this Cactus costume! This is a Made by Us look that our in-house team of designers mysteriously came up with after our most recent visit to the Laugh Barn on theme night. We’re not sure which part you’re going to love the most. Will it be the sublimated print of the jumpsuit with a perfect blend of light green-yellow to dark green-black color tone? Maybe it’ll be the soft-sculpted spikes that look way more dangerous than they actually are. Maybe the adorable pink flower blooming on the top? Actually, we’re sure your favorite part will be the smiles and disapproving headshakes that you cause when you tell any of the great jokes we’ve got in this costume. Cross Over to the CactusWhy did the Cactus cross the road? That’s right. It got caught on the chicken! Okay, clearly there is something wrong with our cactus humor if you’re still not laughing, but we can’t put our thumb on it. Either way, we know you’re going to crack up your friends with this great Cactus costume.

Transform into a desert cacti with the Adult Cactus Costume.

SAS ID: 38286

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