Cackling Green Witch Animatronic Halloween Decor


Cackling Green Witch Animatronic Halloween Decor

Oh Hey, Neighbor!What would it be like to have a witch for a neighbor? No, not someone who dabbles in Paganism or meditates on crystals when they have a headache. We’re talking a true potion-making, cauldron stirring, spell-casting witch. One that lives in a little whitewashed hut with herbs hanging from the ceiling and green smoke drifting from the chimney. That might have scared people back in the day but in the modern era, we think that would be rather nice. Just think about it. She might stop in to borrow some sugar one day and in repayment, when your car breaks down, she could give you a lift to work… via broomstick. How awesome would that be? We’d say that deal is worth the risk of being cursed! Product DetailsIf there aren’t many full-blown witches moving into your neighborhood, consider hanging this cackling witch up this Halloween. With a simple loop on the back of her head, she’s easy to hang on a hook or a tree branch. Her bright green features add just the right amount of spooky to your yard. Just add three AA batteries to her pack and she’ll frighten and delight trick-or-treaters with eyes that light up and spooky phrases at the ready. Hang her up in the right spot and this witch is sure to keep the little ghouls and goblins in your neighborhood on their toes!Delight in the FrightThere’s something about Halloween that brings us all back to when we were kids. Halloween was a special time when you could spot a bit of magic in almost everyone’s yard! From the giant spiders to floating ghosties, a simple walk around the neighborhood was full of wonder. This year, carry that torch and invite this witchy lady into your yard. She might not give you a ride on her broomstick but she’ll certainly be a spell-binding feature!

Make your trick-or-treaters shriek when they hear the terrifying laugh from this Cackling Witch Animatronic Halloween Decoration! This spooky green witch is sure to send them running!

SAS ID: 38286

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