Bumble Bee Bubble Toddler Costume


Bumble Bee Bubble Toddler Costume

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to hug a bumble bee? It’s kind of a strange thought to have and we’ve certainly considered the idea quite a number of times. After all, they’re kind of fuzzy and they even make boatloads of honey during the summer! Those little bugs are actually quite adorable, but bumble bees aren’t known for being very huggable. We really don’t recommend trying to hug a bumble bee in the wild—we’ve tried it and the only thing that happens is a lot of buzzing and stinging. Ouchies!Don’t worry though. That doesn’t mean you have to give up your dream of hugging the lovely bug. You already have a little one hanging around your home who’s already the most huggable person on the planet, so maybe with the right costume and a bit of imagination, you can turn your dream of hugging a bumble bee into a reality. Of course, we’re the premiere costume experts on the entire web, so we have the perfect outfit for your little cutie.This Bumble Bee toddler costume has an adorable style that will help transform your child into a huggable little bug that won’t sting you! The costume comes with a black and yellow tunic top and a pair of little wings. The yellow hat has little antennae on the top. Once your child has it on, he’ll be ready to buzz about in your garden.

Your child will be buzzing with joy in this Bumble Bee Bubble Toddler Costume, its almost un-bee-lievable how much fun they will have!

SAS ID: 38286

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