Bubble Shark Toddler Costume


Bubble Shark Toddler Costume

Toothy Grin Sure, they may be done teething, but toddlers are notorious for putting any and everything in their mouths. Sand from the sandbox? Sure, why not? Markers? Yes, please! Their own fingers, toes, elbows, and knees? Yum! Plastic trucks? Everyone knows they make delightful appetizers. Macaroni and cheese? Oh, wait, that one actually is delicious… Here’s an idea—don’t fight it. Just turn your tyke into a sweet little shark! Then they can gobble up everything in their path, and folks will just brush it off as being “in their nature.” They can attack their food, chomp on candy, and look ferociously cute while doing so. Just look at that grin—they’re all teeth! It doesn’t hurt that this Bubble Shark Toddler Costume makes for a super-cute Halloween costume, too. Yes, we have a feeling that your precious kiddo will get on swimmingly with this little shark look. And having a shark on your side is better than having one against you!Design & DetailsWhile you probably wouldn’t want to get up close and personal with a real Great White Shark (even a baby), you’ll have no trouble cuddling up to this little pup. Wearing our exclusive bubble tunic—which provides volume through stuffing between the lining and outer shell—your kiddo is instantly transformed into a shark with the costume’s attached fin and tail. A matching headpiece turns your tyke’s face into a head and mouth with all the pearly whites they’ll need for chomping. The whole look is crafted from a cuddly material, so your child can stay cozy, even as they stalk the shore (neighborhood) for prey (candy)!Shark WeekDon’t be surprised if your kiddo wants to extend Halloween for a week, or even two, just to have more opportunities to wear this costume. Better stock up on fish sticks!    

In this Bubble Shark Toddler Costume your child will be transformed in to the cutest shark around!

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