Brown Werewolf Kids Costume


Brown Werewolf Kids Costume

The Full Moon ApproachesSomething, supernatural is in the air. We can feel it… that ominous feeling. Are we coming up on a full moon again? You just never know who will turn into a werewolf as soon as that full moon is shining high in the sky. Why, one second your mild-mannered child could be diligently doing homework. Then, the next second, you start hearing snarling noises coming from the bedroom. Maybe you even start seeing patches of fur in the living room. You might even hear a shrill howling in the middle of the night.Well, it’s important to support your child in all of his endeavors, and if he’s slowly making the transformation into a mythical creature of the night, it’s important to back him up on that too! That’s why it might be time to help out with his werewolf ways by dressing him up in this Kids Brown Werewolf Costume.Design & DetailsOur costume designers wanted to create an outfit that would support all aspiring young werewolves, even on nights without a full moon! The costume comes with a full-body jumpsuit that zips up in front, making it easy for your child to suit up as a werewolf. It features plenty of faux fur on the chest and arms to help your child feel like a freshly transformed creature! The top of the suit has an attached plaid shirt with tattered edges. The bottom portion of the suit is designed to look like a pair of jeans with a pair of fuzzy, paw-shaped shoe covers that fit over most pairs of shoes. Of course, the hood has to be the best part about this costume! The hood features a layer of faux fur and it even has an adorable wolf face on the top.No Moon NecessaryOnce your child has this outfit, he’ll be ready to live like a werewolf… even if it isn’t even close to a full moon! Be sure to check out our adult werewolf costume too. Who knows! Maybe there’s a little bit of werewolf hiding inside of you!

Let your kid howl to the moon with the Kids Brown Werewolf Costume. The brown fur suit includes a hood, ripped shirt, and torn jeans, as well as werewolf shoe covers.

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