Brown Bear Plus Size Jumpsuit Costume


Brown Bear Plus Size Jumpsuit Costume

Dream BiggerIf you have a pet at home, you’ve probably looked at them at some point and wished (out loud) that you could live their life for a day. It’s not hard to figure out why. We’ve all wanted to spend a full day lounging when we should be at work. We all love the idea of being fed throughout the day without any worry about the calories. And of course, the constant doting we give our pets would be a nice thing to receive instead. But have you ever thought about upgrading? We’re talking wild animals. Have you ever thought about trading in a day to be one of the animals that are at the top of the food chain? An animal that answers to no one, that gets to eat the freshest game and fish, and most importantly sleep for months at a time. Let Fido and Fluffy keep their indulgent day jobs and become a bear instead!Design & DetailsIn this unisex Brown Bear Jumpsuit Costume, you can go from human to bear with just 1 piece. The Made By Us hooded jumpsuit is made with soft fleece fabric and gives you the perfect layer of warmth for a long hibernation. The loose fit on this pajama-style jumpsuit will let you layer for extra warmth or an easy transition back to being a human if the need arises. And if anyone decides to bother you when you’re enjoying your rest, they’ll find themselves facing a bear when your hood is up. The soft-sculpted ears and embroidered facial features are better than a Do Not Disturb sign when it comes to naptime—everyone knows not to poke the bear.Healthy Bear DietIf you choose to be a bear this Halloween, make sure you’re armed with the right information. As a brown bear, you should be eating 80 to 90 pounds of food per day. So at any costume party or after the kids get home with their bags full of candy, you can share that piece of knowledge and help yourself to as many snacks and sweets as you would like. If anyone objects, simply let them know that you are fully committed to your new role and will engage in a bear fight if necessary.

In the Plus Size Brown Bear Jumpsuit Costume, you’ll be wanting to go out to a campground a join the party! The soft fabric and the hood will even get you ready to hibernate.

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