Brown Bear Kids Jumpsuit Costume


Brown Bear Kids Jumpsuit Costume

Beary DedicatedYour child is notorious for getting really into character. They practice the gaits and voices of animals and humans alike. You’ve found them watching multiple make-up tutorials, making sure they pick the best one to recreate. Their dedication to reenacting dramatic events is so intense so that you’ve had to lock their Halloween costumes away before they go trick-or-treating to protect each one from losing pieces or getting ripped. So when your child said they wanted to be a bear this Halloween, you were a little hesitant to agree. As soon as you gave the reluctant go-ahead, your child romped their way back to their room to start work with their grizzly skills.With such an imaginative and rambunctious child, you knew your hunt for a bear costume was going to require a similar dedication. You’d be looking for something that would be practical, well-made, and fun. Lucky for you, we had all the same ideas in mind when we designed this Kids Brown Bear Jumpsuit.Design & DetailsKnowing that children can be hard on their clothes, our designers took to making this costume with simplicity and durability in mind. This Made By Us costume has everything your child needs to become a bear with just 1 piece. The loose, pajama-style, fit gives your child room to layer their favorite clothes under this hooded jumpsuit. And if they decide the suit is enough, they are sure to keep them warm in the sherpa fleece while they’re on the prowl for their next candy feast. The front zipper makes it easy for them to transition from a human child to a bear cub whenever the mood strikes. And the plush hood has a stuffed snout, soft-sculpted ears, and applique facial features that give this cozy suit its finishing touch.Bear NecessitiesIt’s always great to see children creating their own stories and adventures. We want to make sure they have everything they need when they take on their next big character. With this exclusive Brown Bear Jumpsuit, your child is ready for a playtime, bedtime, or Halloween night that’s full of wild imagination.

Your child will almost be un-bear-ably cute in this Kids Brown Bear Jumpsuit Costume. The soft fabric will keep them out and on the prowl for candy all night.

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