Brown Bear Adult Jumpsuit Costume


Brown Bear Adult Jumpsuit Costume

All About That Bear LifeBoy, bears really got it made, don’t they? Have you watched them on all of those nature documentaries? We’ve watched a TON of those shows. They get to eat honey and salmon all day. They get to do plenty of romping around in the forest (we love to romp). They even get to spend all of the winter season taking one giant nap (we’re from Minnesota, so we’d definitely like to sleep straight through some of those colder months). If only there was a way for us to become a bear… even just for a little while…Oh, hold on a second! We’ve got a costume for that! Our designers crafted a simple outfit that will have you ready to get in touch with your inner bear.Design & DetailsThis unisex Brown Bear Jumpsuit Costume is a quick and easy outfit that anyone can enjoy! The costume comes with an all-in-one, simple jumpsuit design and it fits with a zipper down the front. The suit is made out of a soft, brown fabric that’s soft to the touch and comes with stretchy cuffs to help you feel extra cozy. The puffy little tail in back is a “beary” cute touch and the hood brings the whole look together. It has a light brown bear face designed into the front and it even has a pair of round ears poking out of the top.Romp and HibernateSo, what sorts of bear things do you plan on doing when you wear this exclusive outfit? Will you have a tasty salmon smorgasbord? Will you romp your way through the woods? Us? We’d take a nice, long nap while wearing this bear costume! It has a cozy, pajama-like style that might just be perfect for a little hibernation!

Prowl through the woods, or your neighorhood, in this Adult Brown Bear Jumpsuit Costume. This hooded onesie will keep you growling!

SAS ID: 38286

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