Boy’s Winter Wonderland OppoSuit


Boy’s Winter Wonderland OppoSuit

Be the WinterWalking in a Winter Wonderland isn’t quite as fantastic as the all those holiday songs like to portray it. We’re from Minnesota. We get frigid weather that will make your hair freeze solid within seconds if you don’t properly dry it after your morning shower. It’s so cold here, you have to wear three pairs of socks just to keep your toes from getting frostbite. Sometimes, we have to spend a good hour digging our cars out of two feet of snow. And don’t count on getting a snow day with only a foot or two of snow on the ground, because that’s nothing here. Walking around in all that… we’ve been there and done that. It’s actually much better to BE a Walking Winterland. Let us explain.Imagine if your little one could skip all the snow and freezing temperatures, while still bringing the essence on of winter with him wherever he goes. He doesn’t need to wear a stocking cap to keep him warm. You don’t need to worry about him catching a cold. All you need to do is bask in his glorious new style. That’s exactly what this boys Winter Wonderland OppoSuit is all about.Product DetailsFrom the creative designers at OppoSuits, this boys suit packs a whole bunch of holiday cheer into a suit that he can wear to Christmas gatherings, holiday parties or just as a fun and fancy way to show off at school. It comes with a suit coat and pants which are made from a print fabric covered with pine trees, snowflakes, holly leaves and Santa sleighs. It even has a matching tie to finish the look!Winter IndoorsThe next time you think about sending your child out into the cold weather, maybe think about suiting him up in this OppoSuit instead. Then you can bring the winter indoors without exposing him to the chilly outdoors!

This is a Boy’s Winter Wonderland OppoSuit.

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