Boy’s Toga Costume


Boy’s Toga Costume

Good old Romulus, founder of Rome, very well could have been the first person to popularize the toga. Back then it was common for both men and women to wear them, and they were quite simple and served basic utility purposes. But as the years passed, the toga became a symbol of male citizenship for the Romans, and became a much more formal type of clothing. They also got much more expensive and complicated from its humble beginnings.These days it’s hard to think about the toga apart from college frat boys and parties. But, believe it or not, these draped clothes were quite formal and demonstrated success and distinction for many Romans. If your child needs to get a toga of his own, perhaps for a historical demonstration or a play at school, or if he’s just looking for something fun to dress up as for Halloween, check out our Boys Toga.This toga is 100% polyester, with the sash sewn to the shoulder with a gold ring accent. The belt is a gold rope, and the toga is easy to put on with a comfortable fit and easy to put on and off style. Don’t forget to add accessories to complete this costume, like a pair of sandals (the ones in the picture aren’t included with the costume) or an ancient scroll for your child to read from!

He can go in a classic retro look in this boy’s toga!

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