Boy’s Peter Pan Costume


Boy’s Peter Pan Costume

High-Flying Fun!Amidst all the newfangled technology, video games, cartoons and TV shows, and the constant stream of new superhero movies to choose from (seriously, is there no end in sight?), your kid has a lot of choices when it comes to potential Halloween costumes. But what we love about your child is his dedication to the classics!Seriously, it is SO refreshing to find a kid who isn’t swept up in what’s new, flashy, trendy, or talked about on social media. He loves books, real adventure, magic, and the stuff childhood ought to be made of! That’s why we think this Boy’s Peter Pan Costume will tickle his fancy. It’s a classic look straight from a classic story, and it goes perfectly alongside a whole array of classic Halloween fun. And when, later, your kiddo lands the lead in his school’s production of this tale, he’ll already have the perfect look to dazzle the crowd with!Product DetailsPirates, fairies, wild adventure, a fearsome villain, and, oh yeah, all that flying! There’s a lot that can capture a kid’s imagination in Peter Pan. And the amazing thing is, the magic of such a big story can be conveyed in such a simple costume look. This outfit is comprised of Peter’s signature collared, green tunic, with a jagged hemline and sleeves. It has black cord lacing up the front, and gold rivet accents. A faux-leather, gold-buckled brown belt and hip pouch sit around the waist, and they match the calf-high boot toppers. Stick a (red) feather in his (green) cap—he’s ready to take on Hook and the other pirates with Peter’s classic pizzazz!Lost BoysJust don’t be surprised if your kid wants to come home from school daily and jump into this outfit to play outside with his band of buddies. That’s what classic childhood is all about—imagination, adventure, and a little bit of magic.

Send your child happily flying off to Neverland for an adventure in this Boy’s Peter Pan Costume.

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