Boys Killer Clown Costume


Boys Killer Clown Costume

a killer clown, again?Dang! What is it about clowns. We’re not even having it! Not today. How about something a lot more lighthearted. Flora and fauna. A babbling brook. Some deer in a meadow. How about all of the above!Take yourself away from the keyboard for a moment. (If you can’t physically, just use your imagination.) Look outside. Put on your hiking boots and stroll up to the edge of the woods.It won’t take long, not at all. A quick stretch of the legs and a saunter down a wooded path will lead you straight to the clearing. You can hear the whisper of the creek babbling not too far off, but a quick gaze around the meadow puts you eye to eye with a creature of the woods. And it’s wonderful. That’s right, it’s a magnificent doe, with her 3 fawns. A majestic sight of nature.There. Wasn’t that refreshing?Product DetailsOkay, back to business. We know why you’re here. Your kid wants a killer clown costume, and since it’s Halloween, we’ve just got to oblige them. And, even if we’re not too keen to talk about ’em, we’ve still got ’em for sale, which means we have all the top choices. And this one is probably the scariest of them all.That’s right, this Kid’s Killer Clown Costume is the one that’s going to have him causing a fright.  It comes with a satin jumpsuit that features printed stripes and polka dots, and a separate ruffled color completes the classic clown look. Of course, the latex mask is the part that seals the deal, with a very very creepy clown face, and even a latex molded hat. Too creepy for us. But if your kid is into horror? Well, then it’s just the thing!It doesnt have to be scaryYeah, we’re costume experts around these parts, and in our expert opinion, your Halloween costume doesn’t have to be scary. But if you want horror? Well, you better make it as scary as possible! This Killer Clown costume is up for the task. Be sure to check out all of our wicked accessories if you think he might enjoy a prop or two to enhance the effect!

He’ll be terrifying while out trick or treating in this killer clown costume for kids.

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