Boys Assassins Creed Edward Kenway Costume


Boys Assassins Creed Edward Kenway Costume

Is your kid having trouble choosing a career path? Sure, being a physician might be a fiscally responsible choice, but it’s not exactly exciting hanging out in a doctor’s office all day. He could be an accountant, but typing numbers into a calculator may not be all that adventurous. He could work for the city, which is a great gig with plenty of health benefits… or maybe he could be a totally awesome pirate, who’s also a secret agent for the Assassin Order! Edward Kenway did it in the Assassin’s Creed series and now, through the power of costumes, your child can do it too.This officially licensed Assassin’s Creed child costume fully recreates Edward Kenway’s look from the video games. It’s one part pirate and one part Assassin’s Order garb, coming with a white and blue top. It also has a faux leather vest and faux leather harness across the chest. It also features a white hood, which your child can wear to make him feel like a deadly rogue!Now, despite giving him a superb look based on the game, this costume won’t give your child any ninja or pirate skills. You may actually need to start schooling him about all the subtle details of being a pirate and being a ninja. Be sure to teach him all about swordplay and sneaking around in dark shadows. You also might want to remind him that no one can jump from tall buildings into a bale of hay without injury!

He’ll be ready for adventure in this Assassins Creed Edward Kenway costume for kids.

SAS ID: 38286

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