Boxing Champ Costume Adult


Boxing Champ Costume Adult

Eating LightningHave you figured it out, yet? We don’t quite have it solved just yet, but we’re working on it. We heard a boxing trainer once tell his fighter that when he was through with him, that the fighter would be able to eat lightning. This sounded like quite a strange proposition, so we got our scientists on the job. They conducted experiments day in and day out, trying to figure out how a human being could actually consume lightning.Well, the bad news is that our scientists concluded that eating lightning is dangerous to your health and completely impossible. The good news is that we finally figured out that it was just a turn of phrase. What it really meant is that after a round of training for the big fight, you’ll feel tough enough to do just about anything. Well, we decided to create a costume that makes you feel tough enough to eat lightning without a single day of training.Design & DetailsThis exclusive Adult Boxing Champ Costume transforms you into one tough looking fighter! The costume comes with a royal blue robe made of satin. The black shorts have a high waist design and feature an elastic waistband and a flame pattern encircling the hemlines, to make you feel like one fiery contender. The champion belt fits around the waist and has a shiny gold “champion” emblem in the front. Finally, the red gloves give you a ring-ready look!Uniform for the RingWhether you want to look like you eat lightning or you just want to claim your ownership of the ring, this Boxing Champ Costume is the outfit for you. Just make sure you get yourself a trainer if you want to go a few rounds in the ring!

You can be a contender in our Adult Boxing Champ Costume. This exclusive costume features a blue robe, black shorts, and boxing gloves.

SAS ID: 38286

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