Bold Tiger Women’s Costume


Bold Tiger Women’s Costume

Fierce with a Capital “T”What’s the fiercest creature in the animal kingdom? The tiger, of course. Everything about the large cat just screams ferocious, from its claws to those big teeth. And let’s not forget those feisty stripes! Yes, if we had to really narrow it down, we’d have to say that a tiger’s stripes are the thing that makes the tiger fierce! In fact, we’re thinking about creating a petition to change the way that fierce is spelled… T-i-g-e-r, with a capital “T.”Wait, perhaps there’s one fiercer than a tiger. You! Maybe you have what it takes to claim the title of fiercest creature in the animal kingdom. All you need is a ferocious attitude and an outfit to match. We can help you with your outfit if you can work on the attitude!Design & DetailsCreated by our expert costume designers, this Women’s Bold Tiger Costume combines a sleek fit with the famously ferocious jungle cat. The costume comes with a bodysuit made out of spandex blend material that creates a form fit. The exterior of the suit features a custom, all-over print of tiger stripes. The front has a creamy white color to contrast the orange and black details of the rest of the suit. A plush tail hangs from the back of the suit and comes with this same striped pattern as the rest of the suit. To finish the look, the costume comes with a headband that features pointy cat ears on top.Top of the Food ChainIf you’re looking to steal the title of fiercest cat in the animal kingdom, then you’re going to need this exclusive Bold Tiger Costume for women. Just pair it up with an intense attitude and you’ll roar right to the top of the food chain!

Get wild in our Women’s Bold Tiger Costume. This exclusive, form-fitting costume features a tail and ears.

SAS ID: 38286

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