Bob Ross Women’s Leggings


Bob Ross Women’s Leggings

Happy little leggingsThose who watched Bob Ross paint gorgeous landscapes on PBS know that there’s no such thing as mistakes; there’s only happy little accidents. If you’re in the midst of making a beautiful masterpiece and you think you made a mistake with your oil paints, relax. You definitely didn’t. You can just turn that brown glob into a little tree or something, a happy little tree to be exact! The same rule can be applied to your wardrobe…The next time that you put on an outfit that may be deemed by some as a fashion mistake, don’t sweat it. Just grab your Bob Ross leggings to make your ensemble into a work of art. These unique leggings feature happy little trees, Bob Ross’s signature, as well as an image of his face (and his pristine Afro.) It’s the perfect pair of leggings to wear whenever you want to dig out your easel and create a masterpiece of your own!

Now you can have Bob Ross with you wherever you go with these Bob Ross Women’s Leggings. These leggings feature an all over print of Bob Ross’ head and of course some happy, happy trees.

SAS ID: 38286

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