Black / Purple Striped Stockings


Black / Purple Striped Stockings

Witches love their dark colors so they can hide in the night easier, and go about their way. As much as we love those magical ladies around here, they usually have to hide from the rest of society who has yet to accept them for how awesome they truly are. Until the rest of the world catches up with us costume developers, we’ll just have to be the ones ready to help out all the witches of the world. We promise to always be the number one outfitters, and forerunners of the latest in sorceress fashion. As such pioneers of the ghastly profession, we’ve noticed that no witch can possibly go without a fantastic pair of long socks that go at least up to the knee. Let us introduce you to this fantastic line of purple and black striped once that are an absolute scream! People are dying to get a hold of these. No really, we’ve heard rumors of people selling their souls just to find them. Please stop doing that, they’re right here!

The perfect accessory with any witch or dark fairy costume! Add our wicked witch shoes or black Mary Janes.

SAS ID: 38286

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