Black Horns and Flowers Headpiece


Black Horns and Flowers Headpiece

An InvitationYou don’t get much interesting mail these days. Who does? So it was pretty surprising when you got a mysterious black envelope in the mail. The paper was velvet soft and had your name typed in gold in the middle. When you opened it, there was an invitation. The ball would take place an hour away, in a mansion in the woods. It could have been dangerous, some Clue scenario but you had to go! And all your dressing up and over-the-top plans were worth it. You entered to dramatic, Baroque music. There were towering organ pipes, draping velvet curtains, and so many candles. Who knew a dark evening like this could be so lovely?Product DetailsThese horns curve with lovely grace. The black horns frame black fabric roses. Attached to a headband, these horns won’t budge as you celebrate your inner dark diva. Sleek and BleakYou’ll love the style that’s inspired from these gorgeous horns. Explore the rest of our accessories, wigs, and costumes to create the perfect look for your events! You’ll find all sorts of reasons to wear this goblin crown over and over again. When you’re all dressed up, you’ll always find places to go!

Get a little Gothic this Halloween in this Black Horns and Flowers. This headpiece features ram’s horns and black roses.

SAS ID: 38286

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