Black Bunny Tail


Black Bunny Tail

He’s not named Peter Cottontail for nothing. Without a tail a bunny would look a little strange and incomplete, wouldn’t it? Sure it’s not all that small but everybody is going to look for it. Now most of these bunnies have the cute little white tail that does look like cotton but what about the ones who have a little bit of a darker side? They might have a tail that’s a little bit more black. Is that a little more of what you’re looking for? Then you just have to pick up this Black Bunny Tail for whatever bunny related costume you might have. This would especially be perfect for your black Playboy Bunny costume or your could simply pin it to your own black pants or skirt for a do-it-yourself instant costume. We don’t have a pin included but a safety pin will do just fine.

Here comes Miss Cotton Tail! Put a little fluff on your rump with a furry Black Bunny Tail. Show Mister Hefner how bunny-like you can be with this classic accessory.

SAS ID: 38286

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