Betsy Ross Kid Costume


Betsy Ross Kid Costume

History Come to LifeYour kiddo has done all the research, written the required 3-page report, and are making plans to become a living statue. Don’t worry, it’s just for history class. They’re very dedicated though and want to make sure they look just like their chosen historical figure, Betsy Ross.Part of your child’s research revealed just how a 19th-century woman dressed, which is very helpful. It’s also made the idea of getting them ready for their final presentation a little daunting. Bonnets, bustles, petticoats, and worst of all corsets were standard issue for women in the Victorian era Betsy knew. None of these items exist, even deep, deep, inside your closet. Keep the worries away though. We’ve got just the thing to get her ready to become the one and only Betsy Ross.Design & DetailsIt’ll be like Betsy Ross walked straight out of the 1800s and into your home when your kiddo is wearing this exclusive Girls Betsy Ross Costume. The Made by Us costume makes it easy to get an authentic look with just a dress and a couple, included accessories. A vintage patterned fabric gives this dress a historic feel without the need for a corset or even a petticoat for volume. Under the skirt, layers of tulle and netting create the bustled look of a full Victorian skirt. With the accompanying white scarf and bonnet and she’ll have the right accessories to bring Betsy to life. And to make sure no one misses which US history figure is visiting, we’ve included a replica of Betsy’s American flag to proudly display, too!Victorian Made EasyBetsy Ross is known for creating the first American flag, but many forget she was a professional seamstress. Keeping that in mind, it only makes sense to bring her to life in well-made garments. We believe Betsy would be proud of this (much simpler) Victorian ensemble, but we know your kiddo will love the way they look with it on!

Celebrate American historical figure Betsy Ross when you dress your child in this costume. This early American pink dress also features a matching bonnet, and a replica of her flag.

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