Beetlejuice It’s Showtime! Adult Halloween Sweater


Beetlejuice It’s Showtime! Adult Halloween Sweater

It’s Showtime!Here we go again. Every time Beetlejuice says those words, really crazy things start happening. Sandworms start showing up. Dinner parties get ruined. He might even try to marry a mortal woman so he can escape the Netherworld. There’s definitely never a dull moment when you summon him to the party. Well, now it’s time for you to summon him! This Beetlejuice It’s Showtime Halloween Sweater brings you a showstopping style that features the one and only Ghost with the Most.This officially licensed sweater is just one of our many sweaters in our Halloween sweater line! It combines the freaky style of Beetlejuice with the cozy fit of a Fall sweater. It’s made completely out of acrylic, which makes it a comfortable choice for chilly, fall weather. The front has a knit-in graphic of Beetlejuice, the man himself! It also has repeating patterns of skulls, gravestones, and bugs to help give it that fresh-from-the-grave sort of vibe. Finally, the rib-knit cuffs and the raglan sleeves help give this sweater a cozy fit as the cool Halloween weather starts to approach. Whether you’re a Tim Burton fan, or you just want to skip the costume for something a little comfier this year, this sweater is the right choice!

You may not want to say Beetlejuice’s name three time in this Beetlejuice It’s Showtime! Halloween Sweater! It’s probably best he stays trapped in the sweater.

SAS ID: 38286

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